Camp registration for the Summer of 2019

June 23rd-June 29th


Dear Parents:

The Tourette Syndrome Camp Organization (TSCO) will host the 26th Annual Tourette Syndrome Camp USA from Sunday, June 23, 2019 till Saturday June 29, 2019 at YMCA Camp Duncan in Ingleside, Illinois.

Camp Duncan is situated on a semi-private lake in northeastern Illinois, just south of the Wisconsin border. Camp Duncan offers a recreational/residential setting. The TS camp program is run concurrently with a traditional YMCA camp week. TSCO is not a therapeutic program and there are some limitations in accepting children whose needs are beyond the scope of its design. The focus of the camp's staff will be to provide general supervision with as much one-on-one mentoring as well as the situation permits. In addition to providing in-services to all Camp Duncan counselors, TSCO supplements the staff by providing volunteer counselors who have TS, or have experience dealing with TS. Campers must be able to handle routine daily living skills (i.e., dressing, self-hygiene) and have the ability to function within a group setting. While the program is modified to meet the needs of most children whose primary disability is TS and some degree of attention deficit and/or obsessive-compulsive components, experience has demonstrated that not every child with TS is capable of participating in the camp program.

We serve boys and girls ages 7-16. Campers who are 16 can become part of the Counselor in Training Program (CIT). These campers will be given leadership opportunities that will help with a transition to possible future positions on our staff.

The Tourette Syndrome Camping Organization camping fees are based on the price we are given by YMCA Camp Duncan. Due to the increase in what we are charged by the YMCA, we have had to raise our base price to $670. As always there are scholarships available.

The basic price for camp will be $670. This amount represents the basic cost for a child to attend camp based on what we are charged by Camp Duncan. The all inclusive price for camp is $800. This amount represents the complete cost for a child to attend camp including required insurance, medical supplies and cost that we are charged by Camp Duncan for our all volunteer staff. In the past, these costs have been covered by donations and fundraising. You may consider paying any amount from $670 up to $800. Any payment above $670 will be considered a donation and assist us with the necessary costs.

We have always asked families who can afford it to pay our basic full price based on their financial ability. We also offer aid to those families who need assistance based on need. We simply need you to apply. Our process is confidential and requests are only known to the President and Camp Director. We are also providing candy that families can sell to help pay for your child’s camp fee. Please e-mail or call for details. While we could apply the funds we have available to reduce our basic price, using our existing model, in our 26 years history, we have never had to turn away a child due to need.

Please take the time to read the enclosed materials and discuss camp with your child. If, after careful consideration, you feel your child is ready for a successful camp experience, please fill out the online application and mail in a check for $25 or pay a $25 deposit online. The deposit is non refundable and no application will be processed without the deposit. Please take the time to read the enclosed materials and discuss camp with your child.

The Health Form should be turned in no later than June 12, 2018. However any changes in medication or dosage will have to be updated prior to the start of camp.

The initial deadline for the Camp Application is June 14, 2019. Any application received after June 14, 2019 will require a $50 late fee. Please note we may require additional information after reviewing the application including a phone or if possible, an in person interview

We look forward to meeting your child(ren) this summer at Camp Duncan.

Scott Loeff           Monica Berg 
President             Camp Director

Children Traveling to Camp Unescorted to Camp by Plane

The Tourette Syndrome Camping Organization (TSCO) can accommodate a limited number of campers who would be flying unaccompanied subject to their acceptance to our program and the following conditions:

  1. All flights must be in and out of Chicago O'Hare airport.

  2. Flight times must be cleared and approved by TSCO before they are made if pick up and/or drop off is expected. This must be completed no later than 10 days prior to the start of camp.

  3. Any child who is new to our program must first be approved by camp staff before using this procedure.

  4. A $25 fee will be added for airport pick. This fee is to help subsidies the cost of transportation

Financial Aid

TSCO does have aid available. If you are in need of assistance, please fill in the financial aid form below. Please submit your aid request as soon as possible but not later than May 8, 2019.

In 2014 the Tourette Syndrome Camping Organization established the Mark Mandel Scholarship Fund in recognition of the tens of thousands of dollars that were raised through Mark efforts as the founder and Race Director of the Annual 5k Run for the Roses in Roselle, Illinois the first Sunday in June. The Mark Mandel Scholarship Fund will that we continue to our tradition of never turning away a child from camp due to need.

If you are granted aid we do expect the family to have a buy-in on camp. This means having a stake in camp. If you are in the Chicago area would ask you help us at the annual 5k Run for the Roses on Sunday June 4, 2018 in Roselle Illinois which benefits our camp. If you are not in the area we would ask that you sell candy or seek a donation for camp such as bottled water that would help reduce our costs. Buy-in opportunities for a family may be discussed with Scott Loeff.

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Some funding for scholarships is provided by the Brad Cohen Foundation for Tourette Syndrome.

Financial Aid Form

Step-by-Step Guide to Registration

Step 1: Complete the online registration:

Please read the camp policy document (PDF) before parent and child sign off on the camp's policies and rules section on the application. Any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Step 2Online Application  

Forms related to camp registration

For your convenience, below is a list of forms used during camp registration