WE are seeking volunteers for 2019

The Tourette Syndrome Camping Organization is seeking volunteers to staff our 2019 summer camp program Tourette Syndrome Camp USA. Volunteers will need to be available from  Saturday June 22, 2019 (for staff training) till Saturday June 30, 2019.

If you were on Staff for our 2018 Summer Camp you only need to fill out Pages 1 (Contact Information) and 4 (Background Information) on the application. However you will need to put N/A (not applicable) in all other spaces.

If you are a returning staff member you can go directly to the Online Staff Application.

This year's program runs:  Sunday June 23, 2019 2019 to Saturday June 30, 2019 at YMCA Camp Duncan Near Fox Lake, Illinois (35 miles North of Chicago). All staff will be required to attend a training session on the Saturday before camp.

If you are interested in applying, please review the job description for available positions and fill in the online application form. You should also review our staff manual which provides details, expectations and responsibilities of our staff.

Staff Manual (Adobe PDF)
Staff Manual (Microsoft Word)

Upon receipt of your application a follow up interview by phone or in person will be required for new staff. Interviews will be begin in March. Reference and background checks will also be conducted.  Staff selection will be done by our camp committee and is also based on the number of campers that will be attending this year's program. We do give preference to returning staff.


You must be able to participate in pre-camp training the day before camp begins. Counselors also must be able to attend post-camp evaluation meeting and complete camp and camper evaluation forms prior to leaving camp.

Senior Counselor

The Senior Counselor is directly responsible for continual supervision of campers. The counselor is to facilitate the group process, while ensuring camper safety and creating a positive camper experience. Counselors need to be willing and able to participate with their campers in the majority of camp activities. Camp counselors need to demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of campers, interact appropriately with campers in a variety of situations and use positive behavior management techniques. Counselors are expected to model and demonstrate mature, appropriate, adult behavior. Enthusiasm, a sense of humor, patience and self-control are the model behaviors for our camp counselors. Counselors must have the ability to communicate/coordinate tasks and responsibilities with co-counselors or seek assistance from Camp Director. Must be at least 18 years old by the time camp begins.

Junior Counselor

The Junior Counselor role is to model positive behavior and interactions for campers. They are to assist the counselors with tasks, but are NOT directly responsible for campers. Neither is a Junior Counselor expected to be exclusively responsible for errand-running, menial tasks or "go-fer" work. Junior Counselors are expected to show mature, appropriate behavior. The oldest cabins may have a Junior Counselor if that person is 2 years older than the campers. Junior Counselors must be at least 17 years old by the time camp begins.