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A week long camp giving kids with Tourette Syndrome a life changing experience

Tourette Syndrome Camp USA is a 1 week long camp that runs concurrently with YMCA Camp Duncan. It allows children to experience an environment where their TICs are accepted, and allows them to meet other kids with Tourettes

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The Tourette Syndrome Camp USA, founded in 1994, is a residential camping program designed for girls and boys ages 8 - 16+ whose primary diagnosis is Tourette Syndrome and OCD, and to a lesser degree ADD/ADHD. The goal of the camp is to allow children with Tourette Syndrome an opportunity to meet other children, share similar experiences and coping mechanisms in a fun, safe and positive environment. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

We are located just outside Chicago, Illinois in Fox Lake.


Below you can see are upcoming events and deadlines for camp. A list of these can be found in our Calendars page.

Social Media

If you would like to learn or see more about Tourette Camp USA, we are most active in our Facebook Group. During summer 2018 we were featured in 60 Second Docs, see below: